Mr. Nishith Teraiya, M.Pharm.
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Year started @ KBIPER: 2008
Contact info
Location: KBIPER college campus
M.Pharm., RGUHS, Bangalore, Karnataka
B.Pharm., RGUHS, Bangalore, Karnataka
Additional: Six Months fulltime course on Intellectual property Rights (IPR),IISC, Banglore, Karnataka
Mr. Nishith Teraiya joined KBIPER in June 2008 as a Lecturer in the department of pharmachemistry. He has worked in the are of SARS viral infcetion at KLE college of pharmacy in collaboration with NIH, NIAID and National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore in his postgraduation research work and have applied his knowledge aginst virus infection to develop molecule promising such activity. Some of the molecules have been proved higly active against yellow fever virus and Human Papilloma virual infection, but because of toxicity they could no be a drug candidate. He was awarded SRF at Punajab University for persuing his Ph. D program. He was also awarded UGC-GATE scholarship for Ph.D in engineering and pharmacy students.
At KBIPER, Mr. Teraiya is involved in teaching in pharmachemistry department for B.Pharm, and Pharm D students. He is also involved in research and developmental activities in the areas of Pharmachemistry.
Research area of interest
Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Screening of Active molecules against Virus and Cancer.
Awards and Recognition
  1. KSV Minor Research Project of 3 lakh rupees= 2012-2015
  2. SRF at Panjab University for Ph.d in 2009-14
  3. UGC-GATE Scholership in engineering and technology for Ph.D in 2012-13
  4. Qualified Gate examination-2006
  • Member, NMR Research Centre,IISC, Bangalore
  • Lifetime member- Nucelar Magnetic Resonanace Society
Selected publications: (Total: (1)
  1. Teraiya N. Synthesis and cytostatic evaluation of some 2-(5-substituted-2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)-N-substituted hydrazine carbothioamide. Medicinal Chemistry Research. 2011;1229-1234.